Product of Arivo11

The business idea of Arivo11 is an "All-in-One" schoofolder that contains all the usual things you need in school. It's structured in modules. YOU decide what you want to see in your folder. It can be printed with special pictures of your choice, e.G. a picture of your teacher, your friends or with a spectacular skyline. It's up to you.
There are two possible variations. The "Presentationfolder" is bigger than the normal "Standardfolder". There is more place for the many offered extras you can put into it. The pictures get insert in plastic warp.  On the other hand the "standardfolder can be printed in high quality with a special application, but it has just a limited room inside.
Our extras goes from fixtures for pencils, USB-Sticks, etc over a puncher to a laserpointer. The price of the complete folder depends on which extras you have chosen and if you want an own picture.
Our main market will be the schools in and around Trier as well as the local university.

                                                                 The presentationfolder....

                                                                 ...and here the standardfolder