On this cold but sunny Thursday the 18th of February 2010, the Young Enterprises Arivo11 and De Mèchemet in person. These companies form the joint-venture De Ariveche, a partnership formed on the EwB website
( We were four members from each enterprise. As we had a drink in a café, we each
presented our products. First De Mèche explained how we make the beer-candles and the politician
candles, then Arivo11 presented their multi-functional folder and its many uses. After the presentations,
Arivo11 proposed new ideas to make the candles better and De Mèche did the same for the folders. We
both agreed to exchange one product, and advertise it back in our home cities. After the cheery drink, we went
out to have lunch in a local restaurant and talked about what do we expect from the partnership and from the
Young Enterprise experience. When we had all satisfied our hunger, it was time to say goodbye and head our
separate ways.